HITA Email Policy

1.  Authority

The business of the Houston Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA) is managed by the Board of Directors. One or more Directors are designated by the Board to handle outgoing email as described in this policy.

2.  Scope and general information

  • HITA sends messages via email to its members, to the subscribers of an opt-in mailing list, and to other recipients described in this policy. HITA does not send emails to any other type of recipient.
  • HITA does not furnish any of its mailing lists to third parties for any reason.
  • HITA does not send emails on behalf of third parties, unless such information is deemed of general interest to HITA members by the Directors.
  • All email from HITA is sent from working email addresses.

3.  Email to members

HITA may send mail to its members depending on their status, as follows.

3.1.  "Applicants"

  • A prospective member applies for membership by completing a member profile at the HITA web site. When a profile is completed, it is initially assigned a status of "Applicant". The web site displays instructions to Applicants on how to pay membership dues, but does not generate any type of email to Applicants.
  • HITA Directors may contact Applicants using the email address on the profile to inquire whether they wish to become Current members. If a negative response is received, the Applicant profile is either deleted or its status is changed to "Former" member. No email will be sent to any Applicant later than one year after the application date.
  • When HITA receives dues payment from an Applicant, the member status is changed to "Current". HITA keeps evidence of each dues payment.

3.2.  "Current" members

  • HITA Directors may send information to Current members from time to time. This may include notices of meetings, training and professional development, member benefits, or other information of interest to members. Directors may also send email to particular members about their memberships, including expiration dates or new passwords.
  • The HITA web site sends two dues reminders to each Current member's email address. The first reminder is sent 30 days before the member's expiration date, and the second one on the expiration date.
  • If dues are not paid by the membership expiration date, a member's status is changed automatically to "Past-due" (expired).

3.3.  "Past-due" (expired) members

  • HITA Directors may send one or more email messages to past-due members. This may include invitations to rejoin the association, or other messages that are similar to the messages sent to paid members. No such messages will be sent to members more than one year after the member's last expiration date.
  • The web site does not generate any automatic messages to "Past-due" members.

3.4.  "Former" members

  • A member status may be changed to "Former" for one of the following reasons: (a) at the member's request; (b) when the member's email address is permanently rejected by the receiving domain, or (c) other reasons as determined by the HITA Directors. A Former member may also be changed to "Current" or "Past-due" status if the member meets the respective requirements.
  • No email messages are sent to "Former" members.

4.  Mailing list subscribers

  • HITA operates a mailing list for people who wish to be receive announcements of HITA training and other events. Addresses are added to this list only at the request of the recipient.
  • Recipients may subscribe by sending an email to an address operated by HITA, or by asking a Director via another means. HITA keeps evidence of each sign-up request.
  • When a new request is received, a HITA Director sends a response to the address, confirming the new subscription.
  • If any message is rejected by the receiving mail server or if any recipient asks to be removed, the address is deleted from the mailing list.
  • Each email sent to the mailing list subscribers includes instructions on how to be removed from the mailing list. All removal requests are handled immediately.

5.  Other recipients

  • HITA Directors may send email to individuals in response to requests for information. Topics may include HITA membership, certification and licensing, and other information needed by current or prospective translators and interpreters or clients.
  • HITA Directors may send email to businesses and organizations regarding HITA business, such as: contracting for services, event arrangements, member benefits, etc. All recipient addresses are obtained from web sites operated by those businesses and organizations, by telephone, or other type of contact.


Adopted: April 29, 2014