Adil Berrada

English ↔ Arabic interpreting

French ↔ English interpreting

English ↔ French interpreting

Arabic ↔ English interpreting

English → French translation

English → Arabic translation

Contact Info
Address:Houston, TX
Primary Phone:7132986930
Native Language: Arabic
Translator Services:Arabic and French.
Interpreting Services:Consecutive Medical Interpretation.
French. Arabic. English.
Education:Bachelor's in Business Administration In Information Systems.
Master's in Business Administration in Finance.
Computer Equipment Used:Macbook IOS, HP Windows.
Experience:Business management, customer service,
Additional Information:Fluent in English, Arabic and French. Conversational Spanish
Credentials:Language Line Solutions Certificate of Interpretation training Completion.
Cyracom Interpreter Training on Protocol and Procedure Completion.
Medical Term Assessment Completion.
Fields of Specialization
Business (General), Economics & Finance, Insurance, Medicine (General), Oil & Gas, Transportation, Automotive, Chemical, Contracts, Law (General)