Adil Berrada

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English ↔ French interpreting

Arabic ↔ English interpreting

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Contact Info
Address:Houston, TX
Primary Phone:7132986930
Native Language: Arabic
Translator Services:Arabic and French.
Interpreting Services:Consecutive and simultaneous Business, Medical and Legal Interpretation.
Business, legal and medical Interpretation.
Business, Legal and Medical Translation.
French. Arabic. English.
Education:Bachelor's in Business Administration In Information Systems.
Master's in Business Administration in Finance.
Continued education in
Computer Equipment Used:Macbook IOS, Windows.
Experience:Translation, Business management, customer service, Sales Consulting and Business Development.
Translation and/or Interpretation Degree:N/A
Additional Information:Fluent in English, Arabic and French. Conversational Spanish
Credentials:Legal Interpreting.
oil and gas contract Translations.
Language Line Solutions Certificate of Interpretation training Completion.
Cyracom Interpreter Training on Protocol and Procedure Completion.
Medical Term Assessment Completion.
Fields of Specialization
Business (General), Economics & Finance, Insurance, Medicine (General), Oil & Gas, Transportation, Automotive, Chemical, Contracts, Law (General)