HITA Elections: Calling for Candidates

Dear Member,

It is time for HITA Elections, and the HITA Board appointed Veronika Demichelis to serve as Election Supervisor in this year’s Election.

Our Association needs your skills, experience, and dedication! If you would like to help HITA grow and strengthen our membership benefits, we encourage you to run for one of the vacant Board positions.

We have several open positions for the Board of Directors this year:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Professional Development Director
  • Public Relations Director
  • Communications Director
  • Director “at large”

All the positions are elected for a 2-year term.

The 2020 Election Supervisor is now calling for candidates. If you would like to run for one of the open positions, please email your candidate statement (up to 300 words) and a short bio (up to 200 words) to HITAelections2020@gmail.com no later than 11:59 pm on November 15, 2020.

This year’s Elections will also include a vote on proposed amendments to the HITA Bylaws.

The Slate of Candidates and the proposed amendments will be announced to HITA members by email and on the HITA website. Members in good standing will receive an electronic ballot from ElectionRunner by email. Voting will take place during 14 days. Immediately after, the Election Supervisor will count the votes and announce the results.

Below is a description of the Board positions to be filled, with their duties and responsibilities.

The HITA Board is required by its documents of incorporation to have the following four perma­nent offices: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Board also has the authority to create other directors to meet the specific needs of the Asso­ciation. Each of these descriptions can, and should be, adapted to meet the interests, strengths, and aspirations of future HITA members, as well as the changing legal and business environment.


Summary: The President has the overall responsibility for the guidance and direction of the Association. The President represents the organization to the general public and works with the Board and other volunteers to achieve their goals.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Keep members informed of Association activities;
  • Set the Agenda for each Board meeting;
  • Preside at the general meetings;
  • Designate an Election Supervisor;
  • Be in liaison with other professional associations, local government, colleges and universities;
  • See that the Association Bylaws are followed, including calling quarterly Board meetings and arranging Board elections;
  • Together with the Treasurer, be responsible for the Association’s financial and legal obligations, including bank accounts, filing of documentation to maintain tax status, etc.
  • Recruit and develop board members and other volunteers; and
  • Handle or assign other duties not specifically designated to other Board members.



Summary: The Vice-President assists the President and the other Board members in coordina­ting all business. The Vice-President is specifically responsible for Membership and for networking events. This position also assumes the duties of the President, should this person be incapable of meeting their obligations.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Design and implement programs to recruit new members;
  • Provide service to current members; for example, password changes
  • Plan and promote networking events, to allow HITA members to interact with other pro­fessionals;
  • Call on former members to see why they have chosen not to continue in the Association;
  • Help the Communications Director, if needed;
  • Manage the HITA Forum: invite new members and moderate discussions; and
  • Advise members of networking and other opportunities;



Summary: This Board member is responsible for all the collective “memory” of the Association, as well as maintaining the records of membership and activities.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Retain all written and electronic correspondence;
  • Prepare and distribute the Board meeting minutes;
  • Keep track of attendance at quarterly meetings, seminars, educational events, etc.;
  • Issue certificates of membership, attendance and appreciation (when requested);
  • Help with registration for workshops and seminars;
  • Maintain and issue member name badges at formal meetings;
  • Assist with Quarterly Meetings, where needed;
  • Set up Conference Call for Board Teleconferences; and
  • Manage and keep HITA assets: table, tablecloth with logo, display materials, files and records.


Director of Professional Development

Summary: The Director of Professional Development is responsible for planning, promoting and executing programs to serve the professional development needs of HITA’s mem­bership, including translators, court interpreters, medical interpreters, and industry new­comers. The Director supports the aims of the association by delivering professional development content to members in response to identified needs. The Director is also responsible for program planning, project management, and budget and financial management for all HITA’s educational events.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and manage the process of the development of ongoing professional educa­tional plans;
  • Ensure smooth planning and implementation of all activities together with the HITA Board’s quarterly meetings;
  • Establish and maintain professional working relationships with other industry organ­izations such as the American Translators Association in order to foster opportunities for collaboration;
  • Stay current on knowledge of state-of-the-art methods and best practices related to the professional development delivery mechanisms and programs;
  • Develop and maintain budgets for all professional development events that the Board will vote on;
  • Help identify external funding opportunities to support new professional development programming, if necessary.


  • Knowledge and understanding of professional/career development issues and programs within the language industry;
  • Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills including effective presentation and meeting facilitation skills;
  • Knowledge of budgeting/financial management;
  • Organize, able to plan and execute tasks with an attention to detail; and
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications


Director of Public Relations

Summary: This individual is responsible for raising awareness of the Association, as well as the interpreting and translation professions, among the general public and potential clients and members.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the Association’s public relations programs;
  • Promote HITA and the translation and interpreting professions through public awareness activities;
  • Improve visibility of the Association and the translating and interpreting professions in the Houston business and media community;
  • Field inquiries from the press and public. When appropriate, write and distribute press releases;
  • Maintain contact between the Association and the public;
  • Represent the Association at community projects;
  • Respond to media inquiries about the profession and industry;
  • Advise the ATA Board on internal communications and public relations;
  • Cultivate and maintain contacts with journalists; and
  • Arrange for promotional materials, such as business cards, pens, clothing, etc.


Communications Director

Summary: This individual is responsible for ensuring that HITA’s website and member directory function properly and for communicating with members through email and HITA’s social media accounts.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain communication with members through email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Maintain the website, member directory, and manage member accounts.
  • Send out all email communication regarding special events and announcements.
  • Manage event page and assist event coordinator with registrations and help on the day of the event.
  • Stay up to date with website accounts and renewals.
  • Respond to phone calls directed to HITA’s voicemail.
  • Respond to email inquiries from members.


Director “at large”

Summary: The purpose of the Director “at large” position is to provide an opportunity for a member to serve on the Board, without necessarily being responsible for a particular set of duties. They will assist other directors when needed and may run for a vacant position on a future board.