About Us

HITA is governed by its Bylaws, updated and approved by our members in July 2017.

The Houston Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA) was established in 1993 to create a forum for individuals, businesses and institutions interested in sharing their experiences, to promote the interests of translators and interpreters in Houston and surrounding areas, and to serve in cooperation with other regional and national organizations in the recognition of the translation and interpreting as professions.

The Association gives Interpreter and translators an opportunity to share experiences with others in our profession, and to learn about tools, information, and resources to improve our professional qualifications, provide better service to our clients, and help our businesses grow.

HITA is an affiliate of the American Translators Association. HITA is not an ATA chapter: HITA and ATA do not share any of their finances, and HITA’s organization and activities are not subject to ATA guidelines.