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Translator Services:

These are the fields I’d rather lend my services for:

  • Arts and Humanities: literature-theory & criticism, journalism, philosophy, literature, literature-fiction, art.
  • Business: banking, travel & tourism, insurance, accounting & auditing, real estate, advertising & public relations, shipping & maritime.
  • Engineering: mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering.
  • Entertainment: video game, film, theater.
  • Industry & Technology: mining & minerals, automotive industry, petroleum, natural gas, & coal, plastics & rubber, building & construction, textiles & fashion, machinery & tools.
  • Law: tax law, contracts, patents, trademarks, & copyrights, personal injury law, banking & financial law, corporate law, asylum documents.
  • Medicine: toxicology, immunology, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, psychiatry.
  • Natural Sciences: biology, ecology & environmental science, microbiology, bacteriology, & virology, biochemistry.
  • Pure Sciences: materials science, mathematics & statistics, physics, chemistry.
  • Social Sciences: immigration, criminology & penology, psychology, education, sociology, history, behavioral science.
Interpreting Services

These are the fields I’d rather lend my services for:

  • Arts and Humanities: literature-theory & criticism, journalism, literature, literature-fiction, art.
  • Business: travel &<
  • LEGAL TRANSLATION (3-Level Program): Proidiomas (May 2016 – September 2017), Los Palos Grandes, Centro Plaza Mall, 6th floor, Caracas, Venezuela. Contact: (058)-(0212)-286-4764 // (058)-(0212)-286-7719 //

This program is meant to provide students with the knowledge required to accuretaly translate legal documents from the Spanish language into English and viceversa. The course covers the following legal documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, high school diplomas, university degrees, last wills and testaments, affidavits, criminal records, apostilles, bylaws (articles of association), articles of incorporation (memorandums of association), lease agreements, promissory notes, divorce judgments, and memorandums of understanding.

  • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING:Simón Bolívar University (Universidad Simón Bolívar) (2006 – 2016), Sartenejas, Miranda State, Venezuela. Website:

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that studies the application, development and operation of manufacturing processes in which, through changes in the composition and physical characteristics of the materials, producing goods, and industrial products and services trade. In other words, the chemical engineer designs, directs the construction, operates equipment and plants through physical and / or chemical changes induce aggregation, purity or identity of matter, on an industrial scale profitable.

  •  Research Project: “Research on the synthesis of intermediaries for the preparation of 1,2-diaryl-2,3-dihydro-4-quinolones with potential antitumor cytotoxic activity.”
  • 4-month Internship: “Development of a guide to design a vapor recovery unit.” Made at INELECTRA, a Venezuelan oil and gas process design company.
    • Objective: creating a guide which includes steps to: calculate emissions from storage tanks, loading arms, and loading islands; estimate separation technology specifications for a Vapor Recovery Unit (or VRU) when based on separation by adsorption, membranes, and a Jet pump; methods to regulate emissions both from loading arms and filling islands.


Computer Equipment Used
  • FREELANCE ENGLISH-SPANISH TECHNICAL TRANSLATOR ASSISTANT: Traducciones Especializadas La Borinqueña, C.A. (January 2013 –  August 2017). Caracas, Venezuela. Contact: (058)-(0414)-306-3170 // (058)-(0212)-782-3917

A Spanish-English Legal and Technical Translator is in charge of translating patents, which serve both as a legal and technical document, since the patents translated cover mostly chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. This position is preferred to be covered by somebody with an engineering degree and good knowledge of both Spanish and English. This position requires particular close attention to detail since the description of the technology being patented is based on the translation provided, so a misinterpretation of the original text derives in the technology patented in the target language being different to the original language.

  • FREELANCE SPANISH – ENGLISH LEGAL TRANSLATOR: FBC Mortgage, Tampa, Florida (October 2015 –  August 2017). Contact: 813-402-1642 x1489 //

A Spanish-English Legal Translator is in charge of translating mostly accounting and legal documents provided by the client from Spanish to English, so that the home loan agency has the necessary documents to make a decision on whether provide the loan or not. The sort of documents generally translated are: bank statements, property deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates, personal accounting balances, among others. This position requires close attention to detail since the final verdict on whether the agency provides the loan to the client is based on your translated documents, which are filled with an extensive variety of amounts which are meant to be typed correctly.

Translation and/or Interpretation Degree
Additional Information
  • American Translators Association (ATA) Member (ATA Member Number 270685)


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Fields of Specialization
Art, Banking & Financial Law, Business (General), Chemical, Contracts, Economics & Finance, Engineering (General), Industrial, Immigration, Law (General), Mechanical, Medicine (General), Oil & Gas, Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights, Pharmaceutical, Pure Sciences (General), Technical
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